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Ladderan's dashboard: What do you have access to?

 In this post, we provide an overview of how Ladderane allows you to create your virtual chemistry experiments or modify the existing ones.  Once your Gmail account has been activated, you can use it to log in. This takes you to the dashboard. Here, you will see a list of your virtual experiments, once you create them. You can create your own lab, by clicking on "create a new lab".  This page provides all the glassware and set-up needed for chemistry experiments. Make sure to name your experiment and save it. "Edit Items" lets you choose the glassware and chemicals needed for your reaction. "Edit setup" is for setups such as vacuum filtration, distillation, titration, etc. You can also choose various instruments such as IR, NMR,  etc. If you need a specific glassware or set-up, just let us know and we'll add it.  "Edit story" is where you can define what happens at each step.   You can then upload the lab manual and any spectra using "up

New Feature:Tracking Student Progress

  We are pleased to announce that our new feature allows you to track student progress. Tracking can be activated by enabling "Record Activities" as shown below.  Once this feature is activated, the following data will be tracked: 1. Student number or student name, depending on how students have been instructed to log in.  2. Data and time of completion. 3. Answers to the pop-up questions.  Once the experiment is completed by students, simply click on "activities" on your dashboard.  You will then have access to the information mentioned above for each student.  The answers for the questions could be used to assess learning. They could also be used as assessment for learning. This type of assessment helps to monitor student knowledge, identify misconceptions and guide instruction by providing timely feedback to students. This provides an ideal opportunity to gain an understanding of student thoughts while performing an experiment, which is an important advantage of